Allow yourself to be carried away throughout 2019 with MindTravel Passport, your unlimited access to MindTravel experiences across the globe.

Whether it’s MindTravel Live-to-Headphones ‘Silent’ Piano Concerts in picturesque landscapes or MindTravel SilentHikes to beautiful vistas or MindTravel Floating Meditations at gorgeous local pools, this annual Passport membership offers access to MindTravel’s unique, immersive music experiences throughout 2019.

In addition to unlimited access to MindTravel Live events throughout 2019, Passport holders will receive:

  • Access to the MindTravel Monthly Subscription with a unique, compelling MindTravel track delivered to your inbox on a monthly basis (a $97 value).

  • Invitations to private salon events throughout the year - both in person and through high-quality streaming.

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  • 100+ events around the world

  • Unlimited access for all 2019

  • Includes MindTravel Live-to-Headphones, MindTravel SilentHike, MindTravel Underwater and new experiences to be announced

  • Special access to powerful experiences produced by our partners and MindTravel Masters

  • Monthly audio downloads delivered right to your inbox

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The average MindTravel ticket ranges between $30 and $80 per experience. Attend three times and your Passport is paid for!

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  • One (1) Complimentary ticket to all 2019 MindTravel-produced live concerts including many events in key cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and more

  • The MindTravel Music Subscription with a unique, compelling MindTravel track delivered to your inbox on a monthly basis - a $97 value!

  • Up to three (3) 25% discounted guest tickets for all 2019 MindTravel-produced live concerts

  • Advance and discounted tickets to all MindTravel experiences and live concerts produced by third-parties, where available

  • 30% off all MindTravel products and apparel

  • Perks and surprises only for MindTravel Passport-holders

  • Dedicated email or text support for ticketing needs

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MindTravel: hear and MindTravel: taste are part of the first MindTravel album series centered around the human senses of perception. There are vast experiences available to us that lie beyond our senses. Ancient wisdom teachings tell us that our suffering is rooted in desire and that desire is ignited through the senses of perception. 

By transcending the senses to deeper states of consciousness we can explore a new and exciting reality. But we must go through the senses in order to transcend them. That is the secret to how music can enable that state of equanimous being where all possibilities are available. 

The recordings on this album are real-time compositions at the piano; improvisational musical explorations that are designed to take you on an expansive and transporting journey. 

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MindTravel Passport FAQ

How do I get tickets to events I’d like to attend?

We have crafted a special, private email for our passport holders. To secure tickets to a specific event, you’ll email that address and we’ll arrange your tickets accordingly. You’ll receive all of the details upon purchasing your passport.

Are MindTravel Passports refundable or transferable?

MindTravel Passports are non-refundable but they are transferable until the first use (making them great as gifts!). In order to transfer the passport to another person, email with the first name, last name, and email of the person you’d like to transfer your passport to and we’ll transfer it over for you.