Composer and pianist Murray Hidary created MindTravel in 2013 while playing music for a gathering of friends in his living room. Moved by the power of music to take the group on a deep inner journey, Hidary began to craft what would eventually become the MindTravel Experience. Murray spun together his vast experience in visual art with his insatiable hunger for understanding the mystery of life to create something truly unique. His provocative, improvisational, real-time compositions use piano and art projections, and are inspired by theoretical physics and wisdom traditions. At its core, MindTravel is an exploration of the notion that bringing the lessons of music into our daily lives can radically improve our focus and our ability to relax, and that with music as a teacher – we can peel back layers of our Self yet unseen.

MindTravel’s mission is to inspire a sense of harmony, clarity and rhythmic intention into daily life.

Murray has brought MindTravel to TEDx, Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Grace Cathedral, The National Arts Club and festivals including Wanderlust, Carlsbad and Burning Man. Mind Travel has been brought to audiences in theaters, beaches and parks around the world, including: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, London, Montauk, New Jersey, Miami, Aspen, Oxford, Malibu, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Germany, Italy and Croatia. Murray studied at New York University and scored the documentary REM about iconic architect Rem Koolhaas.


Sourced from Murray’s personal library of work, the MindTravel visual projections used in theater settings allow for a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience. The stilled ‘movements’ are woven together into fluid and animated tapestries through algorithms designed to dynamically reflect the live music. The music and sounds intertwine effortlessly, with the intention of leading the audience to what lies beneath the surface.

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