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MindTravel Masters Program


MindTravel Masters Program

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With the success of the MindTravel live 'silent' headphone music experiences across the country, many teachers have asked if they can use the music as well as these special headphones in their own classes. We are proud to announce The MindTravel Masters Program.

The MindTravel Masters Program is a way for teachers and wellness practitioners to bring MindTravel music and the MindTravel headphone system into their classes or one-on-one sessions.  We offer the opportunity to lease the music and headphone system on a monthly basis. At MindTravel, our ongoing commitment is to facilitate intimate and thought-provoking experiences.  We want to partner with teachers and workshop leaders to help bring their work to a wider community, while also deepening the practice of their existing students.

Featured MAsters

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The Program Benefits

The Program Benefits


  • The headphones reduce street and office noise, eliminating unnecessary distractions.
  • The tracks include binaural beats, scientifically proven to move people into deeper states of reflection and contemplation
  • Hearing your guided voice in the headphones, with the music, enables students to drop in faster and have a more connected, intimate experience. 


  • Create an elevated, exciting experience for your students.
  • Increase your business:
    • See your class size grow
    • Add new revenue opportunities
    • Reach more people through inclusion in the Masters Directory and on social channels 

“MindTravel Music brought my guided meditations to a whole new level, my students love it! Murray Hidary’s gorgeous piano compositions combined with skillfully programmed binaural beats is brainwave entertainment at its finest!”  - Peter Oppermann, Future Self Method 

Binaural Beats

The foundation of MindTravel Deep is the use of binaural beats, an auditory process where two different tones at slightly different pitches (or frequencies) are presented separately into each ear. This technology helps the brain generate wave patterns as experienced during meditation or sleep. These are the brain wave patterns that are key to reduced stress and anxiety and increased health, healing, and well-being, and these benefits are amplified when using binaural beats technology.


Additional Details

Additional Details

As Part of the masters program You'll receive:

  • Unlimited commercial use of the MindTravel music for your classes

  • New music delivered regularly

  • MindTravel headphones and transmitter

  • Audio tech setup and support

  • Inclusion in the Masters Directory

  • Featured on MindTravel social channels

  • Receive 30% revenue share of any MindTravel product or event ticket sales

We're accepting applications now to become a mindtravel master. 

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