At MindTravel, our ongoing commitment is to facilitate intimate and thought-provoking experience for your community. Whether this is through the use of the MindTravel headphone system or by incorporating the MindTravel music into your programming, we are your partner in bringing mindfulness to a wider community while also deepening the practice of your existing students.

As part of this program:

  • MindTravel provides our 'silent' headphones for your classes allowing for greater focus and intimacy during the class experience.
  • MindTravel provides a set of music tracks designed for use in meditation and/or yoga classes alongside teacher instructions. This includes a new package of music delivered on a quarterly basis.
  • MindTravel will include you in our network of teaching partners, including listing you on our Website and featuring you in social media posts.
  • MindTravel will provide free tickets to your key members of your team and discounted tickets to your community for upcoming MindTravel events in your area.


  • MindTravel will provide replacement headphones in the event of loss or damage.
  • A MindTravel music technician can be available to provide onsite instruction.

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