MindTravel Deep (download)


MindTravel Deep (download)

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MindTravel Deep is a collection of recordings designed help you reach new meditative and relaxing states. The MindTravel methodology is based on extensive neurological research and this series features custom-created, acoustically designed technology combined with original compositions to enhance the meditative experience.


The foundation of MindTravel Deep is the use of binaural beats, an auditory process where two different tones at slightly different pitches (or frequencies) are presented separately into each ear. This technology helps the brain generate wave patterns as experienced during meditation or sleep. These are the brain wave patterns that are key to reduced stress and anxiety and increased health, healing, and well-being, and these benefits are amplified when using binaural beats technology.

Each of the seven 10-minute individual tracks uses a unique binaural beat frequency in a sequence that gently guides the listener. Each 10-minute track can be listened to individually for shorter meditations or in sequence for a deeper meditation or relaxation session.

Once you’ve completed MindTravel Deep and are ready to deepen your practice, we invite you to use this technology to go to the next level with the more advanced program: MindTravel Deeper.

What is included in your MindTravel Deeper product?

The MindTravel Deep audio programs for relaxation and meditation. Use individually or sequentially for a deepened journey.

  • The MindTravel Deep audio programs for deep meditation.

  • The  MindTravel Dive audio-visual experience that combines abstract color imagery with the music, perfect for those that are more visually oriented as it provides a powerful access point.

  • The MindTravel Drive audio program that you can use on your commute, while traveling or while working. It is designed to help increase focus and creative flow.

  • MindTravel Focus & Inspiration, an album of MindTravel music tracks perfect to listen to during a break throughout the day or in the background while working. These are designed to help increase creative flow.

And as a special bonus, you will receive:

  • One free ticket for you to attend an upcoming MindTravel performance

  • Five beautiful MindTravel images for your desktop or phone background.