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MindTravel DeepER 

MindTravel Deep

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MindTravel Deep is a music-driven meditation experience designed to help you reach new meditative and relaxing states.  A blend of innovative piano composition and nature sounds, this collection of tracks is designed to facilitate contemplation, meditation and peace.

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MindTravel Deeper contains the music-driven meditation tracks of Deep and music-driven tracks designed for Sleep. A combination of piano, nature sounds and binaural beats, these tracks are scientifically proven to lull you into a deep, uninterrupted rest.  

Introducing MindTravel Deep and MindTravel Deeper, a musical ritual to be incorporated as a practice, using the music for creative and emotional breakthroughs as well as exploring states of heightened consciousness.   

"I played Deeper last night and gratefully, it put me right to sleep. It's beautiful and I want to actually listen to it....but it keeps putting me to sleep!" - Carol Alt, New York City

You wouldn't go to the gym once and say you were done working out for the next year right? Same with your mind and spirit. Bring MindTravel into your life as a partner in fulfilling your wildest dreams.

Connection. Purpose. Reflection. Creativity. Freedom. These are the values of taking in MindTravel on a deeper level. 

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Choose between an elegant, wooden USB drive (which makes for a great gift!) or a convenient digital download to start your personal journey today.

"This music meditation gave me a space within which to let feelings of gratitude and inspiration pass through me and bring my attention back to the present moment." - Mala, Philadelphia

And, for a limited time we are offering with your purchase:

  • One free ticket to attend an upcoming MindTravel performance.

MindTravel Deeper USB

MindTravel Deep USB

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