MindTravel + Nature + Movement + Community

MindTravel SilentHike is the transcending experience of moving in nature, with others, listening to expansive MindTravel music. Explore local hiking trails while listening to MindTravel music through headphones. The provocative, improvisational piano music by composer Murray Hidary, ignites a freedom and expansiveness that amplifies the healing power of being in nature.  Allow yourself to be carried away by the deep feeling of freedom and connection. 

 SilentHike journeys are the newest way to practice walking meditation.  These experiences are approximately 1-2 hours and guided at a moderate pace.  We build in plenty of time before and after the hike to socialize and share with your fellow MindTravelers.   

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Join MindTravel SilentHike on Sunday, April 29th, 2018 in Los Angeles. We'll be expanding to more cities soon. Sign up with your email address below to receive updates when this immersive experience is coming to you.

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