Personal development isn’t a luxury.

The demands of work, family, friends and partners don’t leave room for much else. We’re overcommitted and understimulated -- distracted from the things in life that bring us true enjoyment and fulfillment.

Always on the go but never going anywhere. 

Knowing that the best version of ourselves is out there… somewhere… if only we knew how to be it.

Growth may be personal but it doesn’t have to be a solo journey.

With the right support and knowledge, you can make massive progress toward the life you say you want for yourself.

With the right guide, you can become the person you know you are.

With the right tools, you can step into a life of personal freedom.

Welcome to MindTravel Mastery.

Advanced Personal Development

Education for Free

"Done-for-You" Personal Development Education 

MindTravel Mastery is a heart-and-mind embodied approach for the modern spiritual and intellectual adventurer led by multidisciplinary artist, serial entrepreneur, and the creator of MindTravel, Murray Hidary. Through carefully selected themes each month, Murray combines both eastern and western teachings and psychology, and distills them in an approachable way so that you can take them with you into your daily life.

Spirit-Based Philosophy for the Modern Era

Mastery combines teachings from eastern and western philosophy with the original music and mindfulness practices of MindTravel. Mastery is a companion on your journey to self-actualization. Unlike other personal development programs, MindTravel Mastery provides consistent, ongoing support so that these ideas continue to deepen and enrich your life as you grow.

New Topics Every Month

Each month’s theme is specially selected to provide a thoughtful examination of the human condition.


What if the meaning of life were the meaning you gave it? Your life would have meaning because you say it does — because you demand that it does. 

Each month’s theme is specially selected to provide a thoughtful examination of the human condition.


Joy exists in plain sight. It doesn’t suddenly appear when you’ve got a perfect body, a perfect house, or a perfect job. Joy is the natural by-product of being satisfied with what you already have.

Each month’s theme is specially selected to provide a thoughtful examination of the human condition.


Death can be a profound teacher. And when we embrace its inevitability, we open ourselves up to a world of possibility. A life of freedom.

Each month’s theme is specially selected to provide a thoughtful examination of the human condition.


Forgiveness is often framed in terms of something that has been done TO us by another person. But Forgiveness is actually a gift that we give ourselves.

Each month’s theme is specially selected to provide a thoughtful examination of the human condition.


The Buddhists say, "Attachment is the root of all suffering." Does that mean we aren't supposed to care about anything? Quite the opposite! Releasing attachment to any expectations helps you find personal freedom.

what people are saying about mindtravel:

MindTravel is truly like putting a gift of the sublime into our beings.

Kristy Edmunds


It was the most beautiful experience I could ever do! True connection of everything I love, piano music, nature and good friends. It truly left a footprint in my heart and memory.

Ann Ekstrom Bothman

New York

that was beautiful, especially after so much death in my family last year. I feel more peaceful after this time together.


Mastery Member

The impression that Murray leaves is everlasting.

Ashlynn Rosser

Miami, FL

MindTravel Mastery brings

the heart and mind together with music and experiences, including:

  • A unique, virtual guided walking meditation to introduce the month’s theme
  • A comprehensive study of each month’s theme, including teachings from philosophers and thought leaders throughout history, combined with Murray’s personal insight
  • Q&A sessions with Murray Hidary so you can start applying these concepts right away
  • An exclusive live monthly piano performance from Murray Hidary to allow the concepts to deepen within your consciousness

MindTravel mastery includes:

A live, virtual silent walking meditation on a new topic each month.

A live, monthly piano performance + access to a curated selection of MindTravel music and meditations.

Our introductory meditation program: A Doorway to Mindfulness.

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