Underwater experiences.

Floating ecstasy.

Experience MindTravel
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Water is life. We are made up of mostly water. Our planet is covered by over 70% water. Bringing the healing, life-giving power of water together with music creates a profoundly immersive experience we call MindTravel Underwater.

Imagine floating weightlessly or swimming beneath the surface as the music plays through a network of underwater speakers. The sound is otherworldly and transports you back to the womb. You spent the first 41 weeks of your existence in water, so in many ways, this MindTravel is like coming home.

Water teaches us about letting go. We can’t grasp it or resist it. As Alan Watts, the Zen philosopher, said, that once you give yourself to the water “…you find that the water holds you up, indeed in a certain way you become the water.” With so many people together bound by the water and music, you truly get that we are all deeply connected. You literally feel the music. The energy of the collective overwhelms and puts you in touch with your source.

Enjoy a journey into the realm of the subconscious while experiencing new levels of reflection and rejuvenation.

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