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Experience deeper meditation, sleep, health, vitality, creativity & more with these meditative music experiences from composer, artist, entrepreneur, and meditation teacher Murray Hidary.

Music for focus,

creativity & inspiration

anytime, anywhere

Experience greater inspiration, focus, reflection and more with these music albums from composer, artist, entrepreneur, & meditation teacher Murray Hidary.

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MindTravel Moments

Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Day, Even When You're Pressed for Time

Brief meditations on helpful, everyday topics for a quick reset, anytime and anywhere.

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A Doorway to Mindfulness

Establish or Reinvigorate Your Meditation Practice

Learn and experiment with four of the most popular types of meditation to discover which works best for you.

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SilentWalk Expansion

Experience the Freedom of Meditation in Motion

Guided meditation led and with original music composed. Includes 30-minute and 60-minute experiences.

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Deep for Meditation

Supercharge Your Daily Meditation Practice

Seven powerful meditations to enhance your focus and creativity ft. original music by Murray Hidary with binaural beat technology.

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MindTravel Deeper

Continue Your Meditation Journey

An expanded collection of original MindTravel music incorporating binaural beats to optimize your meditation practice.

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MindTravel Sleep

Experience Deeper and More Restful Sleep

Fifteen powerful meditations to help you sleep better ft. original music by Murray Hidary enhanced with binaural beat technology.

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Tap Into the Power of Music + Meditation

Music has been shown to reduce anxiety, stress, blood pressure, and pain. 

Music releases dopamine and oxytocin in your brain.

Music can improve sleep quality, mood, focus, and memory.

Listening to music while meditating helps you go deeper than just meditation alone. 

A 2018 Scientific Reports study found that listening to soothing music while meditating evokes positive emotions. 

In a 2017 review, 26 out of 28 studies showed that listening to music while meditating caused a significant reduction in depression symptoms. 


MindTravel is truly like putting a gift of the sublime into our beings.

Kristy Edmonds


It was the most beautiful experience I could ever do! True connection of everything I love, piano music, nature and good friends. It truly left a footprint in my heart and memory.

Ann Ekstrom Bothman

New York

MindTravel is truly like putting a gift of the sublime into our beings.

Aspen Donin


The impression that Murray leaves is everlasting

Ashlynn Rosser

Miami, FL

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