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The Create & Color Guided Meditation for Kids 5-12


The Create & Color 
Guided Meditation Program


The Create & Color Meditation takes children ages 5-12 on a creative mindfulness journey, guided by MindTravel creator and composer, Murray Hidary. The 30-minute program incorporates music, guided meditation, and the spectrum of the rainbow to encourage kids to connect to their most important ally - their incredible selves!

Through MindTravel Create & Color Guided Meditation experience, Murray captures children’s imagination and hearts, allowing them to connect with themselves and with each other. Murray's music invites calmness, creativity, and peace into each moment. And, guided mindful coloring helps children stay engaged and present throughout this multi-sensory activity.

The Create & Color Guided Meditation is a soft blanket for children and their families, lifting their spirits and keeping them comfortable, cozy, and calm during these challenging times. This musical journey takes children off on an adventure, inviting them to tell their own stories in their chosen colors and shades of the crayons on their coloring pages!

Being transported into a world of colors, sounds, shapes, and possibilities awake an essential ingredient for living so critical right now: hope.

This activity is a home or school-based experience that requires access to an electronic device (e.g., smartphone, laptop, tablet) and drawing supplies. Click the video for a sample of this program.

Program Benefits

With this program, your child will:

  • Develop or deepen their ability to listen to and follow instructions
  • Develop their ability to focus on a single task for a determined amount of time
  • Learn how to self-regulate, connect to their breathing and calm their nervous systems
  • Explore their creativity freely, without judgement and grading structures
  • Feel calm, grounded and peaceful yet energized
  • Have greater confidence and belief in their own creative abilities
  • Experience their surroundings with more clarity and mindfulness
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What Experts Say

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I adore Murray’s music, and I've personally experienced its beauty and therapeutic effects on my life. I'm honored to collaborate with Murray and his wonderful MindTravel team on creating the Create & Color Guided Meditation for children and their families.

We've designed Create & Color Guided Meditation based on an evidence-based approach to mindfulness. We paid careful attention to what science teaches us about how children learn and how to engage them best. I believe that when you combine art and science, magic happens.

Leonardo DaVinci famously said: “Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses (…) Realize that everything connects to everything else.”  Thank you, Murray & team, for giving children this beautiful gift of comfort, inspiration, self-expression, connection, and healing. And thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of creating this experience!

Ewelina Swierad, PhD, MA, EdM, MSc


What You Need

To experience this program, your child will need:

  • Coloring supplies (crayons, colored pencils or pastels are great)
  • Your selected coloring page download OR a coloring book with at least one clean (not yet colored in) page
  • A quiet place to sit and enjoy the meditation
  • An electronic device to play the Create & Color Meditation Download
  • The ability to write one feeling word, either on their own or with the help of their parent (prompt will come at the end of the meditation)
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What Kids Are Saying


“The MindTravel drawing meditation was calm and peaceful. It overall put me in a better mood.  It was a fun way to get away from the stressful reality of schoolwork.” - Asher T, 11

Alex Y.

“I felt relaxed and I enjoyed it a lot. It was a great way to calm down. Every stroke made me feel at ease and at peace.” - Callum T, 9

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