Guided Meditations + Music for enhanced mindfulness journeys anytime, anywhere.

Experience deeper meditation, sleep, health, vitality, creativity and more with these meditative music experiences from composer, artist, entrepreneur, and meditation teacher Murray Hidary.

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Deep for Meditation

Supercharge Your Daily Meditation Practice

Seven powerful meditations to enhance your focus and creativity ft. original music by Murray Hidary with binaural beat technology.

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MindTravel Sleep

Experience Deeper and More Restful Sleep

Fifteen powerful meditations to help you sleep better ft. original music by Murray Hidary enhanced with binaural beat technology.

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SilentWalk Expansion

Experience the Freedom of Meditation in Motion.

Guided meditation led and with original music composed by Murray Hidary. Includes 30-minute and 60-minute experiences.

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MindTravel Replenish

Relieve Stress. Reset. Restore

Short, intentional guided meditation program designed specially for our healthcare heroes.


MindTravel Kids Color

Guided Meditation for Kids 5-12

A beautiful coloring journey through the sound of voice and music, you will explore the rainbow, and yourself.


SilentWalking Meditation

Boost your mood and immune system

Download it to your phone for use in your neighborhood, local parks or even at home.


Bundle & Save 35%

Get the Entire MindTravel Meditation Library for Only $37