Music & Guided Meditation
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A Beautiful Creative Journey for Kids and Kids at Heart

Get ready for a magical journey as MindTravel creator Murray Hidary guides you on a meditative coloring experience while composing in real-time!

This inspirational experience is designed specifically for MindTravelers young and old to explore their creativity, get grounded, de-stress, and create freely. This unique journey will feature a MindTravel Live-Piano Experience from Murray Hidary along with additional elements that encourage creative expression and play.

Attendees are encouraged to color and create - yes, even you! - so bring your coloring sheets (if you have them) and art supplies of choice. We will also provide MindTravel coloring sheets for the experience as well!

What Kids Are Saying

“The MindTravel drawing meditation was calm and peaceful. It overall put me in a better mood. It was a fun way to get away from the stressful reality of schoolwork.”- Asher T, 11

“I felt relaxed and I enjoyed it a lot. It was a great way to calm down. Every stroke made me feel at ease and at peace.” - Callum T, 9

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