MindTravel SilentWalk + Live-Piano Experience for Museums

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MindTravel crafts its signature Live-to-Headphones ‘Silent’ Piano and SilentWalk experiences in beautiful museums around the world.

During these magical events, SilentWalkers gather in the lobby area and receive their headphones. After a short introduction and intention-setting, the group ventures forth on an exploration through museum’s evocative exhibitions and remarkable collections for an inspiring, uplifting and powerful creative journey--all while enveloped in the transcendent sounds of composer and pianist Murray Hidary's beautiful, original compositions.

MindTravel provides the wireless headphones.

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Murray was brilliantly expressive both verbally and musically, it was a real treat to see him in action and shepherding the folk/flock into a place of restoration.”

—Tim McHenry, Director of Programs & Engagement, Rubin Museum of Art