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Clear your mind. Relieve Stress. Reset.

An Invitation to Restore for
Healthcare Professionals.


Download this FREE 10-minute Healing Meditation guided by Pamela Mulligan, founder of ReplenishMBS with meditative music composed by Murray Hidary, creator of MindTravel.


In this time of ongoing crisis, and as we enter May which is Nurse Appreciation Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, let's take a moment, a breath, with this micro-restorative practice designed especially for healthcare clinicians.

This short intentional guided meditation will down regulate your nervous system so you can find calm amidst the current chaos. It is our hope you can find moments of stillness, to reflect on self in the moment, and inherently connect back to authentic presence.

The teams at ReplenishMBS and MindTravel are here to support YOUR well-being as we collectively navigate this storm. Because if there is one thing, we know for sure... it's that we are stronger together.


Getting Started is Easy

Access the Guided Meditation

Access the Guided Meditation

Download to your Mobile Device

Download to your Mobile Device

Feel calm, centered and revitalized

Feel calm, centered and revitalized

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About Pamela Mulligan and ReplenishMBS

Pamela C. Mulligan, RN, BSN, NBC-HWC, RYT

Pam Mulligan is a cardiac critical care nurse who transitioned to Holistic Nursing after experiencing symptoms of burnout. She is a Duke trained, nationally board-certified Integrative Health Coach and Founder of Replenish Mind Body Spirit, and Co-Founder of Replenish at Work™. Pam blends caring theory science, behavioral change models and mind-body medicine to cultivate health and optimize resilience. She recognizes the limitations and values of self-care in health care settings and has curated micro-restorative practices to facilitate ways to restore clarity, connection and compassion for self and others to navigate the high physical, emotional, and mental demands of caregiving.

She has successfully implemented mindfulness-based interventions for nurses, physicians and patients at Mayo Clinic Arizona and Yale New Haven Hospital. Outside of work, she is a Mom of three and wife of a busy transplant surgeon who continue to be her inspiration to restore, to be present, and to be well in a world that never slows down. 

Learn more about ReplenishMBS at

About Murray Hidary and MindTravel

Created by composer and entrepreneur Murray Hidary, MindTravel features gorgeous and provocative avant-garde real-time piano compositions, spontaneously improvised, infused with wisdom traditions, theoretical physics and the power of communal elevation.

MindTravel’s mission is to move people to purpose through music. In addition to experiences for general audiences, MindTravel brings music & healing to underserved and at-risk populations including seniors, youth, homeless, police, and veterans. In 2020, the MindTravel Foundation will focus on experiences supporting people dealing with grief and trauma as well as a 70+-city MindTravel SilentHike tour across the United States when it becomes safe to travel and gather once more.

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Other Mindful Music Downloads for Use in Your Daily Life

In addition to your MindTravel Replenish download, we will also send you other downloadable music programs to inspire and invigorate.

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MindTravel SilentWalking Meditation

Discover the beauty of nature where ever you are while guided by meditative music and the voice of MindTravel creator, Murray Hidary.

Whether your local park, around your neighborhood or even around your house, this walking music meditation boosts your mood and immunity.

Benefits of a SilentWalking Meditation:

  • Easing stress and anxiety
  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Greater health, vitality and well-being


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Experience enhanced meditation in your daily practice!

MindTravel Deep contains music-driven, binaural beats designed to support new levels of relaxing meditation. A blend of innovative piano compositions, binaural beats, and nature sounds, this collection of music tracks is designed to deepen your daily meditation practice. This product contains seven 10-minute tracks and one 70-minute track to support your meditation needs.