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Supercharge Your Daily Meditation Practice with MindTravel Deep

Seven powerful meditations to enhance your focus and creativity ft. original music by Murray Hidary with binaural beat technology.


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How does MindTravel Deep for Meditation Work?

The foundation of MindTravel Deep for Meditation is the use of binaural beats, an auditory process where two different tones at slightly different pitches (or frequencies) are presented separately into each ear.

This technology helps the brain generate wave patterns as experienced during meditation or sleep. These are the brain wave patterns that are key to reduced stress and anxiety and increased health, healing, and well-being, and these benefits are amplified when using binaural beats technology.

MindTravel Deep for Meditation uses Alpha pattern Binaural Beats which are at a frequency of 7–13 Hz.

Benefits include:

  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • increased focus, concentration, and motivation
  • improved confidence
  • deep meditation
  • enhanced mood

Additionally, your
MindTravel Deep for Meditation comes with a BONUS SERIES of downloads that also incorporates isochronic tones.

Though they both impact the brain and your experience, Binaural beats and isochronic tones actually use a slightly different audio technology. 

Binaural Beats

  • works better in the lower brainwave states like Alpha, Theta or Delta
  • calms the mind
  • softer brain entrainment with a more hypnotic effect
  • gently opens the mind for increased focus and creativity

Isochronic Tones

  • works better in the higher frequency zones like Beta
  • has a stronger brain entrainment, using pulsing tones to physically change the brain
  • linked to increased memory and improved IQ

"A meticulously, finely tuned binaural machine of cinematic, spellbinding, and enrapturous ambience. You can tell this was crafted by someone very dedicated and talented in the art. Namaste!"

5 stars


"Soul travel šŸ’–"

5 stars


"A beautiful, gentle way to start the day. Thank you šŸ™ šŸ’•"

5 stars

- JO

"THIS is what I've been searching for! For me it's the best meditation music I've come across! It's downright mesmerizing.
Thank you!!!"

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Expand Your Creativity, Focus and Motivation

Play below examples:

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About Wistia


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We all know meditation is a powerful tool to:

  • expanded creativity
  • decreased stress and anxiety
  • increased concentration and attention. 

Countless studies even show that it helps increase brain surface area and preserve the aging brain. (Hello! More brain power is never a bad thing) 

But still! Too often, life can get in the way of our meditation practice, preventing us from enjoying the benefits… 

We get distracted by our surroundings -

Did a semi-truck just roll by my house?
Is that bird IN my living room?
Did a fly land on my leg? That’s a fly. Bzzzzz.

Many experienced meditators and beginners believe that secret is to have a clear mind and that’s where the magic happens.

But, guess what? 

Your mind isn’t designed to be clear!

It’s designed to work for you, day-in and day-out to keep you safe. It’s our foundational programming.

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Getting Started is Easy 

Access the Guided Meditation

Access the Guided Meditation

Download to your Mobile Device

Download to your Mobile Device

Feel calm, centered and revitalized

Feel calm, centered and revitalized

Try MindTravel Deep for Meditation Today!

What is included in your MindTravel Deep for Meditation Program

MindTravel Deep Guided Meditations:

Calm & Clear | A Pebble in a Lake
{17:37 min}

Finding Stillness | Leaf on a River
{18:41 min}

Guided Meditation and Original Music from Murray Hidary

MindTravel Deep Music Meditation available with Binaural Beats or Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones: 

528Hz Alpha | Be Centered
432Hz Alpha | Strength
360Hz Alpha | Release
320Hz Alpha | Heart Opening
256Hz Alpha | Elevation
The Complete Deep Meditation Journey

Each 10-minute individual track uses a unique binaural beat frequency in a sequence that gently guides you into a eeeper meditative experience.
Listen to the tracks individually for shorter meditations or in sequence for an expanded meditation session.

And, as a BONUS!

Your Deep for Meditation Program comes with MindTravel Focus. Experience deep focus while you work with these music tracks designed to support your creative flow. 

A $10 value.

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Get Both MindTravel Deep and Focus. Only $17 - Buy Now!

Hi, I'm Murray Hidary, composer, artist, entrepreneur and meditation teacher

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I experienced what you’re going through as I’ve undergone my meditation journey throughout the years.

That is, until I found a solution that took meditation from a daily practice of struggle to a daily practice of calm.


Over the past fifteen years, while I was working as a tech entrepreneur, I still practiced piano daily, even keeping a piano in my office! Each time I sit down at keys, I feel calm and at ease and as I used this musical practice as my meditation, I started to develop a musical language around the practice which I now call MindTravel.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you sit and play the piano as your meditation practice but I have developed this program: MindTravel Deep for Meditation using original MindTravel music as the foundation of the experience.

You may be wondering: Why is music helpful?

It gives your mind a focus which then becomes an access point, allowing you to meditate without the sonic distraction of 'silence'.

Additionally, the MindTravel Deep for Meditation program incorporates an audio technology called Binaural Beats which further engage your brain, bringing it and you into deeper meditative states.