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Sharpen your focus and up your creativity with MindTravel Focus

Two powerful music tracks ft. original music by Murray Hidary to help you do your best at work every day.


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Tap Into Laser Focus with Music

Play sample below:

About Wistia
About Wistia


MindTravel Focus Include:

Focus | Finding Center (19:29)
Focus | Expanded Flow (41:16)

We all know music is a powerful tool that:

  • enhances mood
  • relieves anxiety
  • invigorates and revitalizes


Countless studies show that with creative work, music supports increased flow, known more commonly as "being in the zone".

MindTravel Focus contains purposefully extended tracks so you can listen without interruption as you focus in on your deep work.

With these tracks you will experience:

  • increases in your productivity
  • enhanced work satisfaction
  • amplified creativity

You'll no longer be distracted by your surroundings or by music that isn't the right vibe for work.

With MindTravel Focus, your mind will zero-in on the task at hand supporting you to produce extraordinary results.
I'm Ready for Enhanced Focus & Creativity. Only $10

"I was sceptical about this working but had hit a wall with my university assignment. I am so shocked at how productive I become listening to it and it's been added to my favourites. It's magic ✨🙏"

5 stars


"Fresh, energetic with a gentle touch 💚"

5 stars


"Lots of interesting variation that helps to maintain focus. Thank you."

5 stars


"I used this track to help me study. I also like that it's 45 minutes long so I can time myself for subjects, take a break, and study for a different course again. Namaste 🙏"

5 stars


Hi, I'm Murray Hidary, composer, artist, entrepreneur and meditation teacher

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MindTravel began as my personal mindfulness practice over 20 years ago as I was starting my first tech company.

Since then, I've used MindTravel music to continue to enhance my productivity and concentration as I've started new companies and even now as I start to bring the MindTravel concept to audiences across the globe.

You may be wondering: Why is music helpful?

It gives your mind a focus which then becomes an access point, allowing you to meditate without the sonic distraction of 'silence'.

It is my sincere hope that you are inspired by these tracks and they help support you along your journey as well.

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Access the Guided Meditation

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Download to your Mobile Device

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