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Be Your Best with MindTravel for Inspiration.

Live inspired every day with these four powerful piano compositions from Murray Hidary.


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Be Inspired. Get Motivated.

Play sample below:

About Wistia
About Wistia


MindTravel Inspiration Include:

Inspiration | Uplift (6:53)
Inspiration | Clarity (5:52)
Inspiration | Create (6:25)
Inspiration | Joy (7:50)

Inspiration is the super highway on which creativity flows.

When you're inspired you're:

  • more passionate
  • more energized
  • more productive

Numerous studies show that music is a key to overcoming mental blocks and creating space for inspiration to strike.

MindTravel Inspiration contains purposefully crafted short tracks to use as you do important work or before important engagements.

The will stimulate your creative juices and guide you with greater focus to fresh ideas.

With these four powerful tracks you will experience:

  • rise in focus and passion
  • greater fulfillment in your work
  • amplified creativity

Stop grappling with constant distractions on your journey and realize your creative potential.

With MindTravel Inspiration, break free from daily distractions, and open up to receive the divine creative gifts that live within.
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"I was sceptical about this working but had hit a wall with my university assignment. I am so shocked at how productive I become listening to it and it's been added to my favourites. It's magic ✨ 🙏"

5 stars


"Fresh, energetic with a gentle touch 💚"

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"Many, many thanks for an incredible journey. 🙏"

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"Beautiful. Listened while working on a creative project. Felt the focus and the flow."

5 stars


Hi, I'm Murray Hidary, composer, artist, entrepreneur and meditation teacher

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MindTravel began as my personal mindfulness practice over 20 years ago as I was starting my first tech company.

Since then, I've used MindTravel music to continue to inspire and amplify my work on a daily basis as I've started new companies and even now as I start to create live-piano MindTravel experiences for audiences across the globe.

You may be wondering: Why is music helpful for inspiration?

It gives your mind a new access point to expression, creativity, and joy. A focus without the sonic distraction of 'silence.'

It is my sincere hope that you are inspired by these tracks and they help support you along your journey as well.

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Access the Guided Meditation

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Download to your Mobile Device

Feel calm, centered and revitalized

Feel calm, centered and revitalized

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