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Experience This Moment with MindTravel Presence

Drop into the now with these four beautiful live-piano pieces composed by Murray Hidary to help you relax and release.


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Relax and unwind with MindTravel Presence.

Play sample below:

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About Wistia

A compilation of elegant MindTravel live experiences improvised in real-time by composer and pianist Murray Hidary.

Find your Presence today with these beautiful piano tracks.

What is included:

  • Presence | In the Listening  (17:03)
  • Presence | In the Feeling  (21:54)
  • Presence | In the Knowing  (27:36)
  • Presence | In the Moment  (31:20)
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"Perfect for my morning. Thank you"

5 stars


"Lots of interesting variations that helps to maintain focus. Thank you."

5 stars


"Well I found something new today. This will be something I can do while I'm walking. Summers just starting and we are all going through something so new. I think this will be good for a lot of us. Thank you."

5 stars


"Fresh, energetic with a gentle touch 💚"

5 stars


Hi, I'm Murray Hidary, composer, artist, entrepreneur and meditation teacher

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MindTravel started as my own personal practice many years ago. It evolved and grew into a powerful ritual for me to explore my own emotions and spiritual sensibilities.

At its core, MindTravel is about countering our busy lives and creating a breath, a pause, a moment to reflect.

The music creates the space in which deep listening, uninterrupted time for contemplation becomes available; the mind opens up; we connect with our truest nature and after, we come back with renewed clarity and rhythm.

Enjoy your MindTravel journey today.

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