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Clear Your Mind. Reset Daily.

Download MindTravel's FREE 20-min SilentWalking Meditation guided and composed by Murray Hidary.


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Feel calm, centered and revitalized

Feel calm, centered and reset

Try MindTravel SilentWalking Meditation Today!

A modern take on walking meditation

Discover the beauty of nature where ever you are while guided by meditative music and the voice of MindTravel creator, Murray Hidary.

Whether your local park, around your neighborhood or even around your house, this walking music meditation boosts your mood and immunity.

Benefits of a SilentWalking Meditation:

  • Easing stress and anxiety
  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Greater health, vitality and well-being


Cherry N.

"Thank you very much for the powerful, enriching experience. Healing, empowering, rejuvenating… words cannot express the blissful enrichment gained through this journey."

Alex Y.

"This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and energy with us."

About Murray Hidary and MindTravel

Created by composer and entrepreneur Murray Hidary, MindTravel features gorgeous and provocative avant-garde real-time piano compositions, spontaneously improvised, infused with wisdom traditions, theoretical physics and the power of communal elevation.

MindTravel’s mission is to move people to purpose through music. In addition to experiences for genera audiences, MindTravel brings music & healing to underserved and at-risk populations including seniors, youth, homeless, police, and veterans. In 2020, the MindTravel Foundation will focus on experiences supporting people dealing with grief and trauma as well as our 70-city MindTravel SilentHike

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